Monday, April 28, 2014

Don's Lake Arrowhead Adventure

Submitted by Don Mulder

Tax season is over so I finished building a new 5 wt. rod and went fishing.  I caught a couple of Perch in the surf and then went on an after tax season get- away to Lake Arrowhead.  From the shore and a dock I caught a personal best Crappie, four small mouth bass and some trout.  I caught my biggest fish ever – twelve pounds on the Boga!  I was planning to release everything and didn’t even take a net along.  The people at the dock said I had to keep the planters because they won’t live.  I don’t know if this is true but I took it. 

Lake Arrowhead is a great fishery but it is private, you need  the Lake Association card to fish or be some ones’ guest as I was.  It is strictly monitored, the lovely patrol lady will ask you very politely but firmly and make sure you leave if you don’t have a card.

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