Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fundraiser Auction is a Week Away!

This auction allows DFF to give fly tying classes free to all that wants to attend and also funds our speakers for our meeting which are free and open to everyone!

Here is a partial list of the items we will have for our Auction on April 12th at the Barbara J. Riley Community Senior Center at Apollo Park - 7810 Quill Drive, Downey, CA 90242 form 10 AM until ????? (room open at 9AM for viewing). As you can see there are not just fishing related items, so bring your friends and neighbors for a fun time and get something for a small price and support our club!

See previous posts for photos of some of the item!

  1. Sage Method 790-4 9’ 4 piece 7wt Fly Rod w/Case-Sock – Sage Warranty
  2. Rio Perception WF5F Trout Line, New for 2014
  3. Rio Gold WF6F Trout Line, Ultimate All Around Trout Line
  4. Rio Striped Bass 26’ Sink Tip 200gr – Xint w/6wt Fly Rod for Summer Surf
  5. Rio Avid WF4F Trout
  6. Hoffman Super Saddle #1 Dun
  7. Box of Misc Yarn, Wire, Floss
  8. Used Box with Foam Tool Caddy and misc. Tools
  9. Used Wood River Chest Pack w/Misc. Tools
  10. Used Stretcher Case with 15 Flies Some New, Some Used
  11. Used Stretcher Case with 16 Flies Some New, Some Used
  12. Used Wood River Magnifier – Light Not Working
  13. Brian Matthews 16 Top Water Foam Flies/Box
  14. Brian Matthews 6 Olive/White Baitfish Streamers
  15. Brian Matthews 6 Blue/Chart/Pink/White Baitfish Streamer
  16. Hoop of 37 Natures Spirit Dubbing
  17. Used HMH Standard Vise w/bobbin cradle, 5 heads, Scissor
  18. Used JW Outfitters Fly Tying Kit Bag w/Misc Dubbing, Tools, Yarn
  19. Used Abel Gear Bag Maroon
  20. Used Orvis Battenkill Disc 5/6 Reel w/WF6FLine & Orvis Case
  21. Used Orvis Battenkill Disc 5/6 SPARE SPOOL w/WF5FLine & Orvis Bag
  22. Used DiawaSF706 Reel w/WF5FLine, Spare Spool w/WF6FLine and Bag
  23. Used Orvis Spare Spool like new w/bag
  24. Used Orvis Reel Case Green/Beige Like New
  25. Used Green Reel Case for 5 Reels with adjustable dividers.
  26. Mustad 94150 9/0 Bronze Hooks
  27. Red & White Wine Basket w/3 Condiments
  28. Tea Basket w/Picture Frame, Serving Set
  29. 4 Sea World Passes expires 12/26/14 $336.00 value Not Refundable
  30. 4 Universal Studios Passes expires 11/18/14 $336.00 value Not Refundable
  31. 4 Aquarium of the Pacific Passes expires 5/31/14 $115.80 value Not Refundable
  32. Chota Cufflinx
  33. Simms Headwaters Stockingfoot Wader Certificate - $242.00 starting bid – Winner orders directly with Simms with certificate. $349.95 Retail Value
  34. Silver Patron Tequila 100% De Agave 750ml $40.00 Retail Value
  35. San Juan River Journal – Richard R. Twarog - Amato Publications
  36. Pacific Salmon Flies – Cecilia Kleinfauf – Amato Publications
  37. Productive Trout Flies for Unorthodox Prey – Jeff Morgan - Amato Publications
  38. Flyfishing & Tying Journal One Year Subscription
  39. Used Wright & Mc Gill combo 7.5’ 4 piece Fly/Spin Rod w/AL Case and Bag
  40. Peet’s Coffee Basket “Major Dickason’s Blend w/2 Mugs
  41. Lindt – Stymeist Color Ways Teapot w/2 Mugs $100 plus retail value
  42. Plano Materials Soft Case
  43. Three Salmon Flies by Lee Wood 3/12/83 in Shadow Box
  44. Used Sevylor Raft w/Oars
  45. Purina Doggie Basket with $20.00 Petco Gift Certificate
  46. $50.00 Ralphs Groceries Gift Certificate
  47. ADS Ultimate IMPTX 905-2 Fly Rod – 2piece 5wt w/Rod Case
  48. Used R.J. Marriott 8’6” 6wt 2piece fly rod with Al case/sock
  49. Used BIII G6 8’6” 5wt 2piece fly rod with Diamond Back Case/Sock
  50. Used Daiwa Apollo 2945 Fly Rod 8’ 6/7 wt 2piece w/AL Case
  51. Used Dana Lighting Fluorescent Magnifier Desk Lamp
  52. Used Caddis Pro 1000 Float Tube
  53. Used Orvis Neoprene size M Waders, Cuffs, size 8 Orvis Felt-Studded Boots with Bag
  54. Used Sportline Tan Fly Fishing Vest
  55. Misc. Fly Tying Flash
  56. Misc Fly Tying Tread, Braid, Lead
  57. Misc Saltwater Fly Hooks – Mustad – Tiemco – Owner
  58. Misc Fly Tying Hooks, Beads
  59. Used Orvis size M Fly Fishing Vest Olive
  60. 53 Misc Saltwater Flats Flies in Orvis Ripple Box
  61. Used Flex Light / Thermometer
  62. Used Cortland Portable Fly Tying Tool Kit
  63. Misc. Fly Tying Thread/Wire in Box
  64. Don Mayo’s Squamish Poacher Shrimp Fly Kit / Sample Fly
  65. Water Bottle with Waist Carrier
  66. Used Small Floating Fishing Knife w/Ruler on Case
  67. Used Med. Floating Fishing Knife w/Ruler on Case in Box
  68. Used Hank Roberts LP Mini Stove w/ Canister

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